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Great Tasting 1' inch 
Qty: 850 ct.
Case: 30 lbs
Bag features all the original Skittles flavors plus a resealable zipper top to keep things fresh.
Bag: 54 oz
Peanuts inside crisp, colorful sugar shells. Resealable zipper on bag keeps them fresh.
Bag: 42oz
Mike & Ike bag from Just Born, the classic chewy candies in assorted fruit flavors.
Bag: 4.5 lbs
Fruit shaped and flavored candies have a hard candy shell with a somewhat powdery center. Mix includes Green Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Orange and Banana.
Case: 30 lbs
The very popular, spicy, cinnamon-flavored chewy Hot Tamales® still remains the number one chewy cinnamon candy in the U.S. today!
Bag: 4.5 lbs
Shaped like a Tear, Baby Tears are sour pressed sugar candies that will try and use their sour punch to draw a tear or two out of you!
Case: 15 lbs
Skulls Candy is a crunchy, pressed dextrose, skull shaped candy. Assorted colors: red, blue, green, black, and orange.
Case: 15 lbs
Assorted fruit flavor centers covered with a candy outer shell.
Case: 25 lbs
Shaped like Skulls & Bones, these Pressed Candies come in an assortment of colors and flavors: watermelon, lemon lime, orange, cherry, etc..
Case: 15 lbs
They are smooth, shaped like hearts, and have small hearts indented on them. This mix includes Banana, Orange, Cherry, and Grape. 
Case: 30 lbs
They are shaped to resemble cute little 3 dimensional fish. Detailed with fish scales, fins, and faces, candies like these will always make a great catch! They come in fruit flavors.
Case: 15 lbs
These 'runts' like guppy sweet tarts will bring a 'fish' eating experience to a whole new level!
Just like real guppies come in bright colors of green, orange, blue, yellow and red.
Case: 25 lbs
Zotz! Sweet Sour Candy that fuzzes and fizzies in your mouth, Comes in 8 flavors.

Bag: 250 ct
Time Bomb Jawbreakers have a specked multi-colored outer shell, and flavor packed, colorful layered.
Qty: 850 ct.
Buzzards are candy Jawbreakers that are so sour they knock you out. Filled with a sour powder candy in the center.
Qty: 600 ct.
Candy Galaxy features sweet tart candy in bright neon colors, shaped like stars and moons.
Case: 15 lbs

Funny Bones areshaped sweet tart candies comen in bright colors like yellow, red, lime green and pink!
Case: 15 lbs
Dual combination of sour and sweet in Sour Sweets Candies. These tart candies begin with a sour punch and end with a sweet flavor.
Case: 26 lbs
Ice Cream Cones satisfy your sweet tooth with this super sweet cone shaped candy.
Case: 15 lbs
With their vibrant color palette and tasty sweet tart flavor. Neon Stars shine brightly.
Case: 15 lbs
Nitwitz Fruit Shapes are the tasty, coated candies made to look a taste like real fruit!
Case: 30 lbs
Nitwitz Kooky Bananas are shaped like real bananas and coated in crazy colors.
Case: 30 lbs
Candy shell coating makes Pucker Up Tangy Byte candy sweet then sour. Comes in assorted tart fruit flavors and colors. 
Case: 28 lbs
Blots are Berry Flavored Jawbreakers packed with a splash of bright color.
Qty: 850 ct.
Crackle Candy inside Disney's Tinkerbell mini packages. It Crackles and Pops in your Mouth!
Boston Baked Bean is the generic name used throughout the industry for these sugar coated peanuts.
Case: 26 lbs
Get a kick out of these sour pressed powder candies, sweet in the outside & sour in the inside.
Case: 23 lbs
Chewy spree candy are sold in bulk and contain 7700 count.
Case: 30 lbs